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Is it possible to measure the consequences of someone’s actions? Dwight L. Moody recounted the following story:

“The parsonage at Epworth, England, caught fire one night, and all the residents were rescued except one son. The boy came to a window, and was brought safely to the ground by two farm-hands, one standing on the shoulder of the other. The boy was John Wesley.”

Can the consequences of that action be measured? How would this world have been different if Wesley had died in that fire? How many millions of Methodists today look back to John Wesley as the founder of their denomination? That might be a good measurement of the consequences of that one action centuries ago.

Only God can measure the consequences of your actions today. Make them count.

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Don’t forget to reset your clocks Sunday morning so you won’t be late for church.

One cold winter night in Epworth, England, the church bell began to ring. People ran ino the dark night and saw that a house was on fire. A crowd gathered and began to fight the fire. Samuel and Susanna had escaped the flames along with six of their children, but no one could find Johnny.

Realizing the worst, Samuel headed back toward the inferno. Town’s people held him back from certain death. The crowd stood there helplessly watching the house burn.

“Look,” someone shouted. A face appeared in an upstairs window. Little Johnny had awakened and come to the window. He could not escape through the house because of the flames.

Then two men came out of the crowd. One climbed upon the shoulders of the other. The flames were intense. Their clothes began to smoke, but the little boy was pulled through the high window by the arms of the living ladder. The little boy saved that night was none other than John Wesley, who shook England with a great revival and founded the Methodist Church. Years later he wrote, “That night I was plucked as a brand from the burning.”

Together let’s build a ladder with our lives to save the little John Wesleys for tomorrow. Paul advised, “Present your bodies as living sacrifices” (Romans 12:1). What’s one way you could do that?

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Whenever the young men whom John Wesley sent out to preach returned, he would ask two questions: “Was anyone converted?” and “Did anyone get angry?” If the answer was no to both questions, he cautioned them about entering the ministry. He explained that when God’s Word is faithfully presented, people either believe or they become antagonistic.

I’ve noticed that in our church. People either feel that this is “home”, and can’t wait to come back again, or they come up with some gripe about the church and why it isn’t a “good” church. The gospel either opens hearts or it causes people to harden their hearts. We’re not responsible for how others respond to the gospel; we are, however, responsible for making sure they hear the clear gospel presentation.

What was your reaction when you first heard the gospel clearly presented?

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