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There is a large country cemetery near a DeKalb County ghost-town known as Fairfield Center. At the main entrance was a yellow caution sign that read: ‘Dead End’. This was placed by the county because the entrance was directly across from a road that ended there. So, people unfamiliar could mistake the cemetery entrance for the continuance of the road. And there was no outlet. And the county wasn’t maintaining the cemetery drives.

For years I would chuckle at the sign every time I officiated at a burial there. Then one day it abruptly disappeared. I asked the funeral director what happened to the ‘Dead End’ sign. He explained that some elderly lady was offended at the sign where her dearly beloved was being interred. So the sign was replaced.

Have you ever chosen a word or phrase that had a secondary meaning, thus unintentionally getting yourself into trouble? What was a compliment from you became an insult to the other. The Bible tells us that our tongues are “a world of evil among the parts of our body” (James 3:6). Watch your tongue today; it might bite you.

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“The boneless tongue, so small and weak,
can crush and kill,” declared the Greek.
The Persian proverb wisely saith,
“A lengthy tongue, an early death.”
Sometimes it takes this form instead:
“Don’t let your tongue cut off your head.”
While Arab sages this impart:
“The tongue’s great storehouse is the heart.”
From Hebrew wit, the maxim’s sprung:
“Though feet should slip, don’t let the tongue.”
A verse from scripture crowns the whole:
“Who keeps the tongue does keep his soul.”

In any language it is clear that “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles” (Proverbs 21:23).

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