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In the latter 1800’s Alex was very concerned about his wife’s problem with her hearing, so he set about to invent a hearing aid. After many months on the design of the hearing aid, it all came to no avail. He had failed and never did produce such a device. However, out of his efforts, Alex discovered the principles of the telephone. A year later, the first sentence was transmitted over his new “talking machine”.

Few people realize that what Alexander Graham Bell invented was not his original intent, but was an accident. His failure had become an unexpected success. He did not allow his failure to discourage him, but simply shifted gears and worked tirelessly to perfect an instrument that has revolutionized communication. The whole world benefits from Alex’s accident and that he refused to give up!

Ecclesiates 9:10a says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” Let’s not be discouraged by failure, but expect God to lead every disappointment into a newly discovered success.

What have you accomplished or discovered “by accident”?

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