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When they were tearing down an old apartment building to build the Farmer’s State Bank building in Waterloo, they discovered a hidden stairway on the side of the building. There was speculation that it may have been used as a station for the Underground Railroad.

In the Mosaic Law we find an interesting law pertaining to slavery: “If a slave has taken refuge with you, do not hand him over to his master. Let him live among you whatever town he chooses. Do not oppress him” (Deuteronomy 23:15-16).

Slavery is now illegal in America, so it would appear this verse is not relevant. However, we Christians are to look for spiritual counsel in God’s law. What this law tells me is that if someone who is a slave to sin seeks refuge in our church, we are to protect him/her from Satan. We are to embrace them and assist them in getting free. That’s what New Hope is about. Open your heart to the people around you in church this weekend and do not oppress them. God has demanded it of us. Our church should be an Underground Railroad.


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I’m reading the Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson. I thought it would have more personal anecdotes about his upbringing, but it is mainly a history of the process of independence and how the new nation was established. One of the fascinating things I’m learning is how the nation’s founders determined to raise money for the new federal government.

Some states were larger and some smaller, some richer and more populated and some the opposite. How could they agree on a fair assessment of taxes that each state would approve? One of the difficulties was that farmers in the northern states, who had few slaves, invested in cattle, while plantation owners in the southern states invested in slaves.

The compromise that drew all the states into agreement was to tax cattle and chattel (slaves) as property equally. Thus, the northern states were as guilty as the southern states in establishing the custom of slavery in the new United States of America. The abolition of slavery came 109 years later during the Civil War.

The lesson: sometimes compromise locks us into something that cannot survive. Let’s make wise decisions.

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Did you know there are slave-making ants that reside in the Amazon rain forest? Hundreds of these ants periodically swarm out of their nest to capture neighboring colonies of weaker ants. After destroying resisting defenders, they carry off cocoons containing the larvae of worker ants. When these “captured children” hatch, they assume that they are part of the family and launch into the tasks they were born to do. They never realize that they are forced-labor victims of the enemy.

Just as these little creatures are captives from the time of their birth, so we humans enter the world enslaved to sin and Satan. We act out what we think is ‘normal’ behavior, but leave a trail of broken debris in our wake. Only by turning to Christ and following His ways can we break free of the slavery of sin.

Joshua 24:15 says, “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve”. We are all servants. Our decision, as Joshua pointed out, is not whether we will serve, but whom.

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The great Chicago evangelist Dwight L. Moody, himself a veteran of the Civil War, once used the following illustration in a church service:

“When President Lincoln signed the proclamation of emancipation, copies of it were sent to all points along the Northern line, where they were posted. Now, supposing a slave should have seen a copy of that proclamation and should have learned its contents. He might have known the fact, he might have assented to its justice, but if he had still continued to serve his old master as a slave, his faith in the document would not have amounted to anything.

And so it is with us. A mere knowledge of the historical events of Christ’s life, or a simple intellectual assent to His teachings and His mission, will be of no help in a man’s life unless he adds to them a trustful surrender to the Lord’s loving kindness.”

That was a current-event method to teach about the freedom we have in Christ. Could you illustrate it better?

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