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Randy Pennington and Marc Bockmon continue in their book On My Honor, I Will:

“Leaders with integrity don’t worry about whose job it is – they get involved. They feel that helping others “is their job” – and they teach others to feel the same way. When Robert Haas took over Levi Strauss and Company in 1984, he called his executives together and told them he would require them to disclose how they had contributed to the success of others at salary and performance reviews. Haas wanted to know what each executive had done to ensure the company’s success – but he felt their contributions to the success of others within the organization and the community were just as important. Today, leaders everywhere are encouraging contribution to the community. And they are providing positive role models for those they lead.”

Jesus’ life was committed to helping others. Even His seemingly “rough” comments to the Pharisees were designed to wake them up and help them grow in their faith. He even helped those who were not deserving, like the Syro-Phoenician woman, the Woman at the Well, and the demoniac we call Legion, all non-Kosher Jews or Gentiles.

When was the last time you helped someone who was not deserving of your help? Tell us the story.

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In 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary climbed to the summit of Mount Everest, the first man ever to do so. Hillary got all the press, but critical to his ascent was one of Sir Edmund’s climbing companions, Tenzig Norgay.

No one ever mentions Norgay’s name, yet on the way back down the mountain, Hillary fell and would have been killed if Tenzig Norgay had not pulled him back up by cable and saved his life. Hillary lived to tell a great story due to the help of an unknown man. When someone asked Norgay why he did not brag about it, he replied, “We mountain climbers help each other.”

Have you helped someone else along life’s journey that ended up outshining you? Remember that fame and success are not the name of the game in God’s Kingdom. Jesus said, “Whoever would be first should be the servant of all.” Who will you help today?

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When George W. Bush was President, he made a surprise visit to serve Thanksgiving Day dinner to soldiers deployed to Iraq during the heat of that war. One reporter covering the story thought that some might save their meal as a souvenir, explaining, “Its not often that anyone is served by the President.”

Wait a minute, I thought elected officials were public servants. It is their job to serve their people. Yet, we rarely think of what they do as serving us. So, should one act of service been one of the biggest new items of the day?

Remember the words of Jesus: “Those who are considered rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you. Whoever of you desires to be first shall be servant of all. The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve” (Mark 1042-45). Let’s find someone to serve today.

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Today is the 21st day since surgery. I went to church last night and after standing and singing for twenty minutes I was exhausted. I just don’t have much stamina yet. But, [Name Withheld for Security] did a great job talking on stress, and it was good to be in fellowship again with God’s people. I had intended to stay with my Dad Sunday morning so my sister could take my Mom to church, but Dad decided he wanted her home with him.

My Dad is 84 and has prostate cancer (its hereditary) that has spread to his bones. Its no fun to watch him suffer as he is. When he was my age they had no way to detect prostate cancer early, and my Dad is resistant to any kind of medical treatment, anyway. One stubborn and independent guy!

I intend to go over and visit with them both this afternoon while Anita is away for the choir concert in Kokomo.

I think its a healthy part of life for us to be caregivers for someone else. It helps us get outside of our own problems. Who are you helping to care for and how has it helped you grow?

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