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In John 6 we read a story of Jesus being far from any town teaching about 5,000 people. It was long after mealtime and Jesus asked Philip where they could purchase food for the crowd. He replied that they didn’t have nearly enough money to buy food for all these. Then Andrew spoke up (verse 9) and said, “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?”

This is one of my favorite stories because it shows us what can happen when we give Jesus something to work with, resulting in a miracle. Its an obvious spiritual principle. Jesus needs us to give Him something to work with.

One of the exciting things about Christianity is watching people take their little bit and give it God, and then watch God do a miracle and multiply it. It’s the most convincing argument that seed-faith giving works. As a matter of fact, this principle doesn’t work if you give a lot, but when you give a little bit, and watch what God will do. Then graduate to something bigger.

Oral Roberts used to say, “Receiving follows giving…the harvest follows seed sown.”

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A little seed lay on the ground
and soon began to sprout.
“Now, which of all the flowers around,”
It mused, “shall I come out?

The lily’s face is fair and proud,
But just a trifle cold;
The rose, I think, is rather loud.
And then it’s fashion’s old,

The violet is all very well,
But not a flower I’d choose;
Nor yet the Canterbury Bell —
I never cared for blues.”

So it criticized each flower,
This supercilious seed,
Until it woke one Summer hour
To find itself a Weed!!


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There is a fable about a man who was browsing in a store when he made the surprising discovery that God was behind the sales counter. So the man walked over and asked, “What are You selling?”

God replied, “What does your heart desire?”

The man said, “I want happiness, peace of mind, and freedom from fear…for me and the whole world.”

God smiled and said, “I don’t sell fruit here. Only seeds.”

We usually want a short-cut answer from God, but He only sells seeds. If we do what His Word instructs, the result will follow. If you are happy with the way you are, I would never want to change that. But, if there’s something missing in your life, I think planting a feww seeds that direction will surely help.

Paul wrote, “Whatever a man sows, that he will also reap” (Galatians 6:7).

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A church bulletin had a clever poem about criticism that began:

A little seed lay in the ground
And soon began to sprout;
“Now, which of all the flowers around,
Shall I,” it mused, “come out?”

The seed could then be heard saying, “I don’t care to be a rose. It has thorns. I have no desire to be a lily. It’s too colorless. And I certainly wouldn’t want to be a violet. It’s too small, and it grows too close to the ground.”

The poem concludes with this verse about the faultfinding seed:

And so it criticized each flower,
That supercilious seed,
Until it woke one summer hour
And found itself a weed!

Do you agree that the root of all criticism is pride? Are there exceptions?

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