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He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” (Romans 8:32).

Here is the depth of God’s love for us: “that He spared not His own Son“. That’s sacrifice! God loved us, even in our broken, groaning condition, so much that He sent the second part of the Godhead, Jesus Christ, into the world, to be born a natural birth like a normal human, raised in fear and poverty by hard-working parents. He experienced all the pain and grief that human beings on this earth encounter. And in the end, He experienced a torturous death on the cross. And this was not for His own sin, for He had none. Indeed, because He had no sin, He could be a substitute for us who are sinners.

And the Son of God, who had the spiritual authority to call down 10,000 angels to deliver Him, was “delivered up” as a lamb is sacrificed by a shepherd. God, the Father, who is in absolute control, had to surrender control of His Son’s life for this to happen. Unbelievable; but I believe it.

And Paul says here that God delivered him up “for us all“. Since Jesus paid the price for us all, He is the Savior of all. But, not all respond to the invitation of such great love. That’s the responsibility that is upon the church: to get the word out to our friends near and far. That is the Great Commission.

Now, understanding the extent that God would go to redeem us sinners and get us back in right relationship with Him, “how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” Why do we doubt God? Why do we think God would want to withhold any blessings from us if He gave us His Son already. Isn’t His own Son the standard of measuring God’s love for us?

This all calls for us to seriously reflect on where we stand with God today and what He wants of us in the 21st Century. Don’t allow your mind to see limitations on your God and mine.




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I saw an advertisement last night for a new Ford SUV. The tailgate automatically opens when you swipe your foot under the rear bumper. Hands free entering! I spoke up and asked Anita, what happens if a dog runs under your car? I don’t think I would trust that new idea.

Why is it we Americans want everything to be hands free convenience? What happened to being satisfied with a door handle? Its Anita and my experience that the more bells and whistles come with the car, the more things there are to break down and cost us money to repair.

The whole convenience thing is a part of our “give-me” culture. Because nothing comes without a price tag, even American Christians don’t like to get breakthroughs the biblical way. We want it served to us. However, the Bible teaches that we must “put off” the old man and “put on” the new man. That’s not easy. But its the only way to see God work on our behalf.

Make a sacrifice today and watch what God does for you. It really works.




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David declared in 2 Samuel 24:24 that he would not offer a sacrifice that cost him nothing. An acceptable  sacrifice will cost you something.

Two boys were playing Noah and the flood after some recent rains. They had made an Ark out of scrap wood and gathered all their toy animals into it. One of the boys got the bright idea, “We should offer a sacrifice.” “Great idea,” responded the other. The first one collected sticks for an altar and the other ran into the house for some matches. Everything was ready, but as the boy looked at all the shiny new animals, he just couldn’t bring himself to burn up one of them.

So the boy ran into the house and down into the basement where his mother had been saving things for a future garage sale. After a few minutes of intense searching, he triumphantly pulled out a little toy – a horse with a missing leg.

The boy and his pal solemnly placed the broken toy on the altar. The fire was kindled, and soon the flames consumed the useless toy horse. They had made a ‘sacrifice’ that had cost them nothing.

What will your sacrifice to God cost you?

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A stranger in his middle 70s came in to see me last week. He said he had admired the work our church was doing and asked what we believed. I began to explain our doctrinal position, which sparked him to respond by telling what he believed. He said he was an ordained minister in a Christian Church.

He went on to explain a totally heretical view. He explained that it was never God’s desire for Jesus to be crucified, man did that out of rebellion. The cross as a sacrifice to atone for man’s sins was a concoction of man’s mind, he said. He thought Paul was a Pharisee and all his teachings oppose what Jesus taught. It all came down to one key thing for him: Repentance.  He didn’t need a Savior because he was saving himself by his good works.

He told me he had studied the Bible thoroughly and that God at no time ever required a sacrifice. So, I reminded him of the story of the Israelis in bondage in Egypt and how God directed them to all slay a lamb and offer it as a sacrifice, putting the blood of that lamb on the doorposts of their houses. Then the death angel passed over them. John the Baptist said of Jesus: “Behold the Lamb’. He scratched his chin in confusion, and had no rebuttal. His main point had been subverted.

We left on friendly terms and I told him I would be praying for him. We agreed to disagree.

We must know what we believe and why! If he is right, we’re both safe. But if I am right, this man is in big trouble on judgment day. He has no Savior but himself.

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Rev. D. F. Ferguson, a senior pastor in Riverside, California, was an excellent preacher with a real understanding of Calvary and of grace. At a district conference of his denomination, a fellow pastor was testifying of how he had left a job as a successful attorney making a six-figure salary to follow the call of the Lord into the ministry.

Following him, another pastor stood and said, “I was making two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars a year in Kansas grain when I gave it all up to serve the Lord.”

After two more pastors followed this theme of what they had given up to follow Jesus, Ferguson could take no more. He jumped to his feet and ran to the front. He seized the microphone and in broken voice said, “When God called me into the ministry I was standing behind two mules plowin’ a field in Arkansas. It was 105+ degrees and I had on one tennis shoe and one of dad’s boots. I threw down the reins of them two mules and said, ‘God, I’m ready – anything beats this’, and I’ve been in the ministry ever since!”

The conference roared in laughter and came to a standing ovation. God has a unique way of calling each of us. Some sacrifice greatly in following Christ, but for many others, following Christ was nothing but a step up. Which was it for you: a step up or a step down?

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Don’t forget to reset your clocks Sunday morning so you won’t be late for church.

One cold winter night in Epworth, England, the church bell began to ring. People ran ino the dark night and saw that a house was on fire. A crowd gathered and began to fight the fire. Samuel and Susanna had escaped the flames along with six of their children, but no one could find Johnny.

Realizing the worst, Samuel headed back toward the inferno. Town’s people held him back from certain death. The crowd stood there helplessly watching the house burn.

“Look,” someone shouted. A face appeared in an upstairs window. Little Johnny had awakened and come to the window. He could not escape through the house because of the flames.

Then two men came out of the crowd. One climbed upon the shoulders of the other. The flames were intense. Their clothes began to smoke, but the little boy was pulled through the high window by the arms of the living ladder. The little boy saved that night was none other than John Wesley, who shook England with a great revival and founded the Methodist Church. Years later he wrote, “That night I was plucked as a brand from the burning.”

Together let’s build a ladder with our lives to save the little John Wesleys for tomorrow. Paul advised, “Present your bodies as living sacrifices” (Romans 12:1). What’s one way you could do that?

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One of the great scriptures that teach us the important role of Thanksgiving in the life of a believer is Psalm 107:22, which admonishes us to “Let them sacrifice thank offerings and tell of his works with songs of joy.”

Now, just what does it mean to sacrifice a thank offering? It seems that thanksgiving should be a given, so what is the sacrifice here? I think the truth is that God expects His relationship with His people to be a two-way street. If we are truly thankful for what God has freely given to us, then God expects us to take action that shows we recognize what we have as a gift from Him, and freely pass it on to others. We actually begin to act like Christ would act.

One way to do that is to bring some groceries to stock our Compassion Cupboard tonight as we gather for our Thanksgiving service from 7-8:00 PM. Food traditionally represents God’s blessings in our lives, and to donate food is a way to partner with God in passing those blessings on to someone less blessed than we. Let’s follow the advice of the Psalmist by bringing some non-perishable food items tonight.

By the way, what other ways have you found to sacrifice a thank offering?

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