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Have you ever yearned for the good old days when things were simpler and seemed brighter? Remember what the Preacher declared in Ecclesiastes 7:10: “Do not say, ‘Why were the old days better then these?’ For it is not wise to ask such questions“.

Why is it not wise to ask that?

  • Because those days are by-gone days; there are no current opportunities in them.
  • Because these are the days God has placed us in and have opportunities in them.
  • Because there is no fortune in looking backwards.
  • Because those days only look better when we remove the problems that have since been solved.
  • Because everything only seems to look clearer in the rear-view mirror.

Yesterday is the memory of those who lived yesterday. Tomorrow is the possibility of those who live today. These can be the good days if we make them such.

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There is an old legend that a king once placed a heavy stone in the roadway. Then he hid and waited to see who would remove it. Many who came by loudly blamed the government for not keeping the roadway clear, but none assumed the duty of pushing the obstacle out of the way. At last a poor peasant stopped and rolled it into the gutter. To his surprise he found a bag full of gold embedded in the road beneath the spot where the rock had been. A note said it was the king’s reward for anyone who removed the troublesome object.

I’ve, likewise, discovered that there are rewards waiting for me every time I take action to solve a problem in someone else’s life. And behind every trial that is an obstacle to my way, I discover that they were placed there for my good, for my growth. I expect God to test my path everyday to see how I’m doing at living for Jesus. Each test requires me to lift my eyes heavenward and see it as an opportunity for spiritual reward. Keep your eyes open.

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I just finished reading The Book of Heroes: Great Men and Women in American History, by George Roche. This is a fairly short book giving brief biographies of George Washington, Daniel Boone, Louisa May Alcott, George Washington Carver, Robert E. Lee, and Andrew Carnegie. These men and women had nothing in common in their huge contributions to American society and its development. What they did have in common was their common humble beginnings.

In each story, they each rose up from a common lifestyle, and some even from abject poverty, to make something great of their lives. None of them ended up where they planned, but were able to adjust to the circumstances around them to accomplish great successes in spite of the odds against them. They didn’t hide from difficulties, but charged into them confidently.

May we all have the self-confidence and faith in God to see opportunities when they appear before us. God will lead us into such opportunities.

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