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Evangelist Dwight L. Moody used the following illustration to describe ‘Redemption’:

“Out in the Western country, in the autumn, when men go hunting, and there has not been any rain for months, sometimes the prairie grass catches fire, and there comes up a very strong wind, and the flames just roll along twenty feet high, and travel at the rate of thirty or forty miles an hour, consuming man and beast. When the hunters see it coming, what do they do? They know they cannot run as fast as the fire can run. Not the fleetest horse can escape. They just take a match and light the grass around them, and let the flames sweep, and then they get into the burnt district and stand safe. They hear the flames roar as they come along, they see death coming toward them, but they do not fear, they do not tremble, because the fire has swept over the place where they are, and there is no danger. There is nothing for the fire to burn.

“There is one mountain that the wrath of God has swept over – that is, Mount Calvary; and the fire spent its fury upon the bosom of the Son of God. Take your stand by the cross, and you will be safe for time and eternity.”

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Chicago evangelist Dwight L. Moody used the following true story: “A man died in the Columbus penitentiary some years ago who had spent over thirty years in his cell. He was one of the millionaires of Ohio. Fifty years ago when they were trying to get a trunk road from Chicago to New York, they wanted to lay the line through his farm near Cleveland. He did not want his farm divided by the railroad, so the case went into court, where commissioners were appointed to pay the damages and to allow the road to be built.

“One dark night, a train was thrown off the track, and several were killed. This man was suspected, was tried and found guilty, and was sent to the penitentiary for life. The farm was soon cut up into city lots, and the man became a millionaire, but he got no benefit from it.

“It may not have taken him more than an hour to lay the obstruction on the railroad, but he was over thirty years reaping the result of that one act!”

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Dwight L. Moody was a hugely popular evangelist from the latter 1800s in Chicago. He was poorly educated and spoke more like a farmer. Highly educated pastors ridiculed him for his simplicity. But he won souls while they did not.

“Here’s an example of Moody’s style: “I tell you the true sheep know a true shepherd. I got up in Scotland once and quoted a passage of Scripture a little different from what it was in the Bible, and an old woman crept up and said, ‘Mr. Moody, you said…’ I might make forty misquotations in an ordinary audience, and no one would tell me about them.

“Like two lawyers: one said in court that the other didn’t know the Lord’s Prayer. The other said he did: ‘Now I lay me down to sleep.’

“‘Well,’ the first said, ‘I give up. I didn’t think you knew it.’

“Didn’t either one of them know it, you see.”

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True story from evangelist Dwight L. Moody: “When Mr. Sankey and I were in London a lady who attended our meetings was brought into the house in her carriage, being unable to walk. At first she was very skeptical; but one day she said to her servant: ‘Take me into the inquiry room’.

After I had talked with her a good while about her soul she said, ‘But you will go back to America, and it will be all over.’

‘Oh, no,,’ said I, ‘it is going to last forever.’

I couldn’t make her believe it. I don’t know how many times I talked with her. At last I used the fable of the pendulum in the clock. The pendulum figured up the thousands of times it would have to tick, and got discouraged, and was going to give up. Then it thought, ‘It is only a tick at a time,’ and went on. So it is in the Christian life – only one step at a time. That helped this lady very much. She began to see that if she could trust in God for a supply of grace for only one day, she could go right on in the same way from day to day. As soon as she saw this, she came out quite decided. But she never could get done talking about that pendulum. Her servant called her Lady Pendulum.”

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During the days when Evangelist Dwight L. Moody ministered in Chicago, a new saloon opened its doors. This was to be the largest saloon in the city and there was much promotion of its grand opening. As a joke they sent an invitation to Moody. In his own words, here’s his story:

“I took the invitation, and went down and saw the two men who had the saloon, and I said:

‘Is that a genuine invitation?’ They said it was.

‘I thank you,’ I said; ‘I will be around, and if there is anything here I don’t like I may have something to say about it.’

They said, ‘You are not going to preach, are you?’

‘I may.’

‘We don’t want you. We won’t let you in.’

‘How are you going to keep me out?’ I asked. ‘There is the invitation.’

‘We will put a policeman at the door.’

‘What is the policeman going to do with that invitation?’

‘We won’t let you in.’

‘Well,’ I said, ‘I will be there.’

I gave them a good scare, and then I said, ‘I will compromise the matter; if you two men will get down here and let me pray with you, I will let you off.’

I got those two rum-sellers down on their knees, one on one side of me and the other on the other side, and I prayed God to save their souls and smite their business. One of them had a Christian mother, and he seemed to have some conscience left. After I had prayed, I said: ‘How can you do this business? How can you throw this place open to ruin the young men of Chicago?’

Within three months the whole thing smashed up, and one of them was converted shortly after. I have never been invited to a saloon since.”

Do you think such a thing could happen today?

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Dwight L. Moody illustrated grace like this in a late 1800s sermon:

“Remember, salvation is a free gift, and it is a free gift for us. Can you buy it? It is a free gift, presented to “whosoever” will accept it.

Suppose I were to say, I will give this Bible to “whosoever” will take it; what have you got to do? Why, nothing but take it. But a man comes forward, and says: “I’d like that Bible very much.”

“Well, didn’t I say ‘whosoever’ will can have it?”

“Yes; but I’d like to have you mention my name.”

“Well, here it is.”

Still he keeps eyeing the Bible, and saying, “I’d like to have that Bible; but I’d like to give you something for it. I don’t like to take it for nothing.”

“But I am not here to sell Bibles; take it, if you want it.”

“Well, I want it; but I’d like to give you something for it. Let me give you a cent for it; though, to be sure, it’s worth about five dollars.”

Suppose I accept the cent; the man takes up the Bible and marches away home with it.

His wife asks, “Where did you get that Bible?”

“Oh, I bought it.”

Mark the point: when he gave the penny, it ceased to be a gift. So with salvation. If you were to pay ever so little, it would not be a gift.

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Back in 1997, we had just moved into our new building and were trying to sell our old building with little success. Finally a man came to see me who wanted to buy the building for his church. I asked him how many people he had coming, and he replied, “Oh, none, yet, but I’d like to start one.”

I think he got the cart before the horse. Church starts with people who need a meeting place, not a meeting place which needs people. I encouraged him to start a home Bible study and build from there, but he was determined to start with a building.

In D. L. Moody’s day, it was a common practice for people to rent a church pew rather than giving in an offering. One Sunday morning, 19-year old Moody marched down the aisle with a motley crew of society’s outcasts trailing behind him. He had rented four pews and was determined to fill them with those who were spiritually needy. Having taken the Savior’s “Go” personally (Matt. 28:19), he literally “went out into the highways and gathered together…both bad and good” (Matt. 22:10).

Let me encourage you to  follow Moody’s example and invite someone to church with you think weekend. The pew’s already been paid for.

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