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The girl knelt in the confessional and said, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.”

“What is it, child?” the priest replied.

“Father, I have commited the sin of vanity. Twice a day I gaze at myself in the mirror and tell myself how beautiful I am.”

The priest turned, took a good look at the girl, and said, “My dear, I have good news. That isn’t a sin – it’s only a mistake.”

Vanity certainly is a sin. We have very little to do with our outward appearance. If we’re well endowed, we ought to be grateful to God for this blessing. But if I take responsibility for the good in my life, I also must take responsibility for the bad in my life. Its better to just ourselves as a vessel God has chosen to use and not be concerned, positive or negative, with the outward shell. Paul said, “We have this treasure in earthen vessels” (2 Corinthians 4:7).

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Years ago Anita and I had a disagreement at church. We had a baptism that Sunday night. In those days I got into the baptistry tank and did the baptizing myself, only removing my shoes, belt, and jacket. So I came up out of the tank after baptizing several people soaked from top to bottom, including my white shirt and tie.

I always brought in my change of clothes and hung them in the dressing room, but they were gone! I had to wait until the other guys were departing to have them get my wife. I accused her of moving my clothes. “Where were they?” She replied she hadn’t touched them, but by now I was cold and not happy. She went out to check my car, but I told her I distinctly remembered bringing them in.

Moments later she returned with my cold clothes in hand. I shivered all the way home that night.

Have you ever blamed someone else for your mistake? Tell us about it.

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If you ever visit the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington, D. C., you can find the name of David F. Kies listed on that memorial. A small diamond is etched beside it to indicate that he died in battle.

But, it is a mistake, for Kies is very much alive. He’s living in Wisconsin with his wife and five children.

David F. Kies did fight in Vietnam and was seriously injured in combat near Saigon. He and his partner were on night patrol when they stepped on a mine. His buddy died immediately; Kies lost both of his legs but survived. He was reported as dead because of an error in some paperwork.

Mistakes like that can happen on military records, but in the most important record, the Lamb’s Book of Life (Rev. 21:27) there are no errors. Either your name is in there or it is not. Have you trusted in Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? Make sure your name is in that book!

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Dwight L. Moody was an extremely effective evangelist of over a century ago in Chicago. He told this story in his own words:

A wild and prodigal young man, who was running a headlong career to ruin came into one of our meetings in Chicago. Whilst endeavoring to bring him to Christ, I quoted this verse to him: “Him that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out.”

I asked him: “Do you believe Christ said that?”

“I suppose He did.”

“Suppose He did? Do you believe it?”

“I hope so.”

“Hope so? Do you believe it? You do your work, and the Lord will do His. Just come as you are, and throw yourself upon His bosom, and He will not cast you out.”

This man thought it was too simple and easy.

At last light seemed to break in upon him, and he seemed to find comfort from it. It was past midnight before he got down on his knees, but down he went, and was converted. I said:

“Now, don’t think you are going to get out of the devil’s territory without trouble. The devil will come to you tomorrow morning and say it was all feeling; that you only imagined you were accepted by God. When he does, don’t fight him with your own opinions, but fight him with John 6:37: “Him that cometh to Me I will in nowise cast out.” Let that be ‘the sword of the Spirit’.”

I don’t believe that any man ever starts to go to Christ but the devil strives somehow or other to meet him and trip him up. And even after he has come to Christ, the devil tries to assail him with doubts, and make him believe there is something wrong in it.

The struggle came sooner than I thought in this man’s case. When he was on his way home the devil assailed him. he used this text, but the devil put this thought into his mind:

“How do you know Christ ever said that after all? Perhaps the translators made a mistake.”

Into darkness he went again. He was in trouble till about two in the morning. At last he came to this conclusion. Said he:

“I will believe it anyway; and when I get to heaven, if it isn’t true, I will just tell the Lord I didn’t make the mistake – the translators made it.”

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Former Evangelist Dwight L. Moody told the story of a Methodist minister, on his way to a camp meeting, through some mistake took passage on the wrong riverboat. He found that instead of being bound for a religious gathering, he was on his way to a horse race. His fellow passengers were betting and discussing the events, and the whole atmosphere was foreign to his nature. He asked the captain to stop his boat and let him off at the first landing, as the atmosphere was so distasteful to him.

The story continues to relate how, on the same occasion, a sporting man, intending to go to the races, by some mistake found himself on the wrong boat, bound for the camp meeting. The conversation about him was no more intelligible to him than to the man in the first boat, and he, too, asked the captain to stop and let him off the boat.

Mr. Moody concluded: “Now what was true in these two cases is practically true with everyone. A true Christian is wretched where there is no fellowship, and an unregenerate man is not at ease where there are only Christians. A man’s future will be according to what he is here prepared for. If he is not regenerate, heaven will have no attractions for him. Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people.”

Ever found yourself in a place where you were very uncomfortable? Tell us about it.

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A couple of weeks ago I shared in church the story of opening the sunroof on our new car while going through the car wash. Everyone had a good laugh at our expense. If we had only read the instruction manual first, we would’ve known which buttons to push. Come to think about it, most of our mistakes are the result of not reading the instructions first.

Much of the pain in our life could be averted if we just read the instructions in The Book first. God loves each of us with a love that cannot be measured. Because He does not want us to hurt, He gave us some wise counsel for living in the Bible.

The Book says, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect [mature] thoroughly furnished unto all good works (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Old Chinese proverb say: “He who ignores instructions could end up in hot water!”

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Can there be a mistake in the Bible? History records quite a mistake in an eighteenth century printing of the scripture. The command in the Gospel of John to sin no more had been printed as “sin on more.” This simple one-letter reversal obviously changed the entire meaning of the text and subsequently had to be revised and the wrongly worded Bibles pulled off the market.

In 1712 an Oxford edition of the Bible printed a chapter heading in the Gospel of Luke referring to a vineyard gardener as, “The Parable of the Vinegar.” And a gender mix-up in a 1923 version produced, “A man may not marry his grandmother’s wife.” These blunders make it appear that the Bible cannot be trusted. But I think its printers who cannot be trusted. God has never made a mistake.

What arguments have you recently heard about why the Bible is untrustworthy?

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