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This is officially Memorial Day. It is the day we, as a nation, set aside to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. It tends to be a military day, with veterans groups and scout troops participating in memorial services or parades. But the people who really should be remembering are those families who lost a loved one in one of our wars.

My Dad marched in Memorial Day parades with the American Legion for many years. We were all proud of his service. But, when I think of Memorial Day, I think of an unknown veteran named Carl Cook. Carl was my mother’s next older brother. Carl was born and raised in DeKalb County, worked in Allen County, but had just moved to Hicksville, Ohio. So, when he enlisted, his home residence was Ohio. Carl survived much of the Iwo Jima attack, but was shot by a Japanese sniper the day after the Americans declared the island secured.

So, no one claims him as one of their war dead. His name is not on the World War II dead plaques in DeKalb County, Allen County, or Defiance County. He is truly a forgotten hero. So, when others are remembering the names that get remembered every year, I’m remembering the one who no one remembers, Private Carl Cook.

Another hero that everyone forgets on Memorial Day is Jesus Christ, Who paid the ultimate price for our sins. Let’s remember Him most this day.




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Today is the official celebration of Memorial Day, although the traditional date is actually May 31. Memorial Day is a time off work, the Indy 500, and cook-outs. But, its also a day of remembering those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

I lost three friends in Vietnam. One was shot multiple times by a buddy who was high, the second was an MP who was stabbed in the back trying to break up a bar fight, and the third was a K-9 handler who was a target because he was the only one to control the dog.

Each of these friends laid his life down for the cause of extending freedom. The ugliness of that war did not minimize the extent of their sacrifice. I will remember them today.

Who do you remember who paid the ultimate price for your freedom? Tell us about him/her.

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It starts out small – ankle high. But as you walk along the brick sidewalk, the wall grows higher and higher, listing more and more names. Somewhere along the path the significance of the list became overwhelming to when I realized that the Vietnam Veterans Memorial bears the names of nearly 50,000 young Americans who died in that conflict around 30 years ago. Many of those were High School classmates and Basic Training buddies of mine. Anita couldn’t understand why I couldn’t move on any faster, but the reality of those names being real persons was captivating.

Other lists include the 34,000 GIs who died in Korea and the nearly 300,000 who lost their lives during World War II. The other countries involved in those conflicts also have their lists of people whose dreams and hopes died with them in battle.

Today, as we remember those who gave their lives in defense of freedom, we need to think about a list that gives meaning to life – and death. It’s a list that God keeps. It’s not a register of the dead but a list of the eternal living called the Book of Life. Is your name listed there?

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