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I just got a new iPad and have been exploring it a bit before I begin using it ministry situations. I did use the GPS feature to find my way to an outdoor wedding I officiated over in Ohio last Saturday. I also downloaded a free book and have begun reading it. Its Tarzan  of the Apes and I’m enjoying it. Although I’ve seen several Tarzan movies, the story line in the book is very different. It even has an App for You Tube, so I can  play anything posted on i from anywhere.

Once I get acclimated to it, I’d like to put my outline on it and preach from it. That will allow me to take my notes and supportive scriptures with me as I move about on the platform.

There is always a ‘learning curve’ with new things like this. What new thing in your life is creating a ‘learning curve’ for you?




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On my desk I have this small ceramic statue of a little man with a tiny black moustache carrying a cane, wearing baggy pants, clumsy oversized shoes and a derby hat. You know his name. In fact, Charlie Chaplin was the most famous person on the planet in the 1920s. Born into poverty, he worked on stage to support himself and by age 17 he was a veteran performer. Then in 1928 he did something unheard of: at age 29 he signed the entertainment industry’s first million dollar contract!

But Chaplin was successful not just because he had talent and drive – he was also teachable. He kept learning and perfecting his gift. Even when he was at the height of his popularity, the highest paid performer in the world didn’t rest on his laurels. No, he said, “When I watch one of my pictures I pay attention to what the audience doesn’t laugh at. If several audiences don’t laugh at a stunt I tear it apart and try to discover what’s wrong. On the other hand, if I hear laughter I hadn’t expected, I ask myself why that particular thing rang the bell with the audience.”

If when Charlie Chaplin became famous he’d exchanged teachability for arrogance, he’d likely be forgotten. But he didn’t. Instead he rememeberd the basics and always kept learning. Eventually he co-founded United Artists, a company that’s still in business today.

The Hebrew writer told us, “You need someone to teach you…basic things” (Hebrews 5:12 NLT). What has the Lord taught you recently?

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One of the lessons God has taught me already is the lesson of EMPATHY.  Several weeks ago one of the faithful members of our church, Paul Brewer, announced that he had prostate cancer and was going to have his prostate removed.  My response was merely, “Oh, we’ll be praying for you.”

When, about a month later, I first learned I also had prostate cancer, my emotions were deeply shaken.  This isn’t supposed to happen to a faithful minister of the gospel.  I thought I was immune to such health problems.  I’m too young!  My Urologist informed me of this over the telephone just before I went into a pre-marital counseling appointment.  Needless to say, it was difficult to concentrate, but I had to go on with my day, keeping this to myself until I could share it with my wife later.

Then I began researching and found out all the possible side affects of this surgery that might subdue my lifestyle from here on out.  God had to bring confidence to my soul, but I learned a valuable lesson about what Paul Brewer must have gone through.  And I promised God that I would have more empathy for men in the future when we get that news.  I could only have learned that by walking through the mess.  What are you learning by walking through a mess?

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