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A few days ago some workmen removed a hundred-year old time capsule entombed in the limestone wall of the DeKalb County Courthouse. In that box were items placed there 100 years ago when the courthouse was first constructed. I was interested in the find since my great grandfather, Isaac M. Diehl, was one of the County Commissioners at the time.

They are getting ready to replace the time capsule with items of today to be sealed for the next 100 years. There will be business cards, papers, and even a CD from a Christian singing group. But no Bible. So, one of the area pastors purchased a new NIV Bible and went to the courthouse for approval to have it included.  Someone at the courthouse thought that since this was the 21st century maybe it would be more appropriate to include a copy of the Koran.

So, the pastor contacted me for approval to have the DeKalb County Ministerial Association (I’m currently the President) endorse having the NIV Bible included, thinking that might have more clout than just one pastor. Obviously, he got our vote. Great idea.

What do you think about including a copy of the Koran?

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