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Many years ago I was the youth director for a church here in Waterloo. Anita and I lived in an old farmhouse just south of town, near where we live today. We arranged for a Halloween party with a hayride. Some of the younger men that were youth leaders decided to act the part of bad guys and scare the teens as the wagon moved through a wooded area.

The weather was perfect as the hayride began. As the tractor pulled the haywagon, literally overstuffed with kids having fun, entered the wooded area, the tractor slowed down to a crawl and I began telling the teens about a family who was once murdered in that woods and their remains have never been found. I told them that on some eerie nights people have reported seeing their bodies roaming in the woods.

When I had everyone good and scared, four men rushed from both sides of the woods and howled like ghosts as they approached the wagon in the dark. One of the teen boys kicked wildly at the approaching men, kicking one of them in the head and knocking him off his feet.

Halloween fun can be dangerous, especially when we have people’s emotions flaring up. We learned a valuable lesson from that episode. Beware of wild teenagers who fear for their lives!

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We all have scariest moments that emboss an unforgettable picture in our minds. Halloween is noted for scary moments. What’s yours?

When I was in my middle twenties I was a brand new Christian and drove a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle. I was driving north one day on State Road 1 in Steuben County. I heard the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit remind me to fasten my safety belt, but I enjoyed the freedom too much to respond. Seconds later, as I was driving into a curve, I realized that I was left of center as another car approached. I quickly over-corrected and swerved off the road into the ditch. Seeing a pole in front of me, I steered into the cornfield, still loose from the spring planting. Sliding sideways in the loose soil, the car tipped over and rolled like a ball several times. Seeing what was about to happen, I reached upwards with both hands against the ceiling of the car and pressed myself into the seat. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” I cried out.

When the dust had settled, the car was resting on its side, all windows broken out. I hurriedly crawled out of the front window opening in case there might be a fire. I learned right then and there to listen to that still small voice. Later Anita, who I had just starting seeing, came over to pick pieces of glass out of my back, but nothing was broken.

I think that was my scariest moment. It came when I was out of control and vulnerable. I didn’t have time to think about it, but I knew there was nothing I could do but hang on for the ride. Fear grips us when we have lost control and step into the unknown where we have to trust. The Bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear.

What was your scariest moment and what lessons have you learned?

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