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I met for lunch Tuesday with several other area ministers. I arrived a bit late and one of the ministers was just reporting some good news in his family. He turned to me and asked, “So, what’s the good news?” Catching me off guard, I thought for a moment, then announced, “Jesus is risen from the dead!”

Can you think of any better news than that? Because Jesus is risen:

  • We have hope of life after death, as well.
  • Our sins are paid for and we are eligible for pardon.
  • Satan has been defeated.
  • Jesus today intercedes on our behalf.
  • He can keep His promise to send another Comforter (the Holy Spirit).
  • We get to celebrate His life every day.

When you check out the newspaper or CNN today, remember what the really good news is.

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In December 1903, after many attempts, the Wright brothers were successful in getting their “flying machine” off the ground. Thrilled, they telegraphed this message to their sister Katherine: “We have actually flown 120 feet. Will be home for Christmas.”

Katherine hurried to the editor of the local newspaper and showed him the message. He glanced at it and said, “How nice. The boys will be home for Christmas.” He totally missed the big news – man had flown!

Perhaps we need a continual reminder of the good news of Jesus Christ. Its not that He’s coming back again, or that He provides wonderfully for His people, or that we’ll one day spend eternity with Him in heaven, but that the price for our sin has been paid for. We are no longer separated from the God of the Universe. That’s the big good news. Go tell someone.

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A Thank You to Remember

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I preached a funeral today for a dear lady in our church.  I love doing funerals and I’ve become pretty good at it.  I always try to honor the deceased, bring comfort to the grieving, and clearly present the gospel.  Today I received a compliment that will encourage me for a long time.

As people were filing past the casket to say their final good-byes, one young lady, perhaps about 30, paused to shake my hand and said, “Thank you for sharing the gospel with my parents; they aren’t believers”.  I don’t know who she was or who her parents were, but that made the whole day worth the investment.

Somewhere in a home in this area is a man and woman who have to be thinking about the things they heard today at that funeral.  And I’m praying the seed will find good soil and they will act on it.  Pray with me.

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