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Anita and I were watching our nearly 3-year old granddaughter, Raegan. Raegan said, “Where’s that fox, Grandma, where’s that fox?” She was referring to a small resin figure of a fox that came from a cereal box. Its about 2″ x 2″. Its her favorite little toy.

So Anita began looking in the toy-box, under the furniture and cushions, behind the TV, and everywhere she could think of. Raegan kept asking, “Where’s that fox, Grandma, Where’s that fox?” Finally, in desperation, after wasting 15 minutes crawling around on the living room floor, Anita looked at Raegan and noticed the big smile on her face. “Did you hide that fox in a secret place?” she asked.

Delighted, Raegan replied, “Yes!” She had been playing Hide the Thimble with her grandma who thought she was serious. Grandma knew her ‘secret place’  in the other room and there it was.

But God is never playing a game with us. He’s very serious about His people searching out spiritual truth and finding it. And that truth is hidden in plain view for those who read God’s word with spiritual eyes.

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When I was a kid, we played a lot of Rummy. This simple card game requires you to compete with others to win by scoring the most points by collecting the correct cards in suits or by numerical sets. Of course, if someone went “out” on you, playing all the cards in their hand and discarding, the cards left in your hand counted against your score.

My goal was to collect the cards I wanted to play, then wait as long as I could and go “out” on everyone else, thus reducing their score. Sometimes this worked against me when someone else went “out” on me while I had a hand full of playable cards. But, what a thrill it was to lay a full hand down on the table and see everyone else grimace.

There are a few games where you win by losing, and Rummy is one of them. Jesus took that into the spiritual realm when he said, “He who loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matthew 10:39). Lose your self-will for Jesus’s will and you win! Let’s work on that today.

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