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The story I recounted yesterday reminded me of an experience I had in basic training. We were running a similar obstacle course, with full combat gear and bayonets affixed. I had just run through a mud hole and next had to run across a log over a small ravine. As I got about half way across, my boots slipped and I fell, straddling the log.

I immediately began to lose my balance and slip to the right side of the log. Instinctively jerking my arms up to regain balance, my bayonet caught on the side of the log and the butt of the rifle struck my lower lip, splitting it open. Stunned senseless, I fell onto my back to the ravine bottom. I lay there for a few seconds until my drill sergeant yelled at me to get up and move on. When I stood, he saw the blood running down my chin and onto my jacket. That’s when they pulled me off the course and took me to the first aid station.

Its easy to lose your footing when you’ve been wading in the mud. If we don’t want to fall into sin, we must avoid wading around in it. If we’ll clean our behavior up, we’ll have a better grip on life. Clean something up today.

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Ira D. Sankey was a 19th-century hymnwriter. He told the story of walking with his young son on a cold winter day. As they came to an icy spot, Mr. Sankey said, “My boy, you’d better let me take your hand.”

The youngster didn’t want to take his hand from his warm pocket, so he disregarded his father’s suggestion. Just then he lost his footing and took a nasty fall. “All right, Daddy,” he said, “let me hold onto your coat.”

But the boy’s weak grip was not enough to hold him up when his feet went out from under him again. Getting up, he said, “Daddy, you’d letter hold my hand!” He didn’t fall again.

How many times must we keep falling before we learn our lesson. Let’s hold onto Jesus’ hand and let go of our stubborn independence.

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