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Years ago I officiated at a wedding in our church. The bridal couple each had about five attendants stand up with them. About half way through the wedding ceremony there was a commotion as the largest guy in the wedding party passed out and fell to the floor. Although everyone gasped, we just left him there and continued on. He later awoke, thoroughly embarrassed, and rejoined us before the recessional began. He really got ribbed over that.

Several years later he was again standing up with another couple in that same family, when I was officiating in a different church, and he did the same thing! Flat on his back. Since this was the same family, everyone just smiled and let him lay there. They were anticipating it this time.

I smile every time I think about it. Why is it always the big guys that fall down? Perhaps there’s a spiritual lesson in that story. If there is a lesson, what would it be?

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