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Its amazing what a coat of paint will do to cover up blemishes. I just finished redoing our bedroom. We patched the holes and gouges of 18 years of wear, repainted a new color, and spray painted the white cold air return on the wall to a soft almond color. All the blemishes are still there, but they’re buried beneath to new paint.

That’s kind of like the sin in our lives. When Jesus washed my sins away with His shed blood, He covered it completely. It doesn’t mean I’m not a sinner by nature, but that He doesn’t condemn me for that past sin…He doesn’t see it anymore. But He didn’t give me amnesia. I still remember. The memory of my past failings is what makes me appreciate what Jesus did for. While I was still iun my sin, Christ died for me.

What greater motivation to want to change my life and not repeat the past errors. God help me to pass this on to others.

Love covers a multitude of sins.

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People will be pleased when they arrive at church this weekend to see the parking lot has been resealed and re-striped. The professionals tell us the asphalt will last another 20-25 years if we patch the cracks and reseal it every couple of years. So, its an investment that will save us a lot of money in the end if we pay the price up front.

So it is in a Christian’s life. If we pay the price up front, we win big in the end. The price we have to pay is to discipline ourselves to learn God’s ways and walk in them. The price is to say no to some things so God will say yes to us. The price is to invest in God first, so God discovers He can trust us.

Just as that flat black asphalt sealer beautifully covers up all the blemishes underneath, that’s exactly what the blood of Jesus, once applied, does for us. And sometimes we need to get resealed! Is there something you need to do to return to your first love?

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