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Imagine what a heavy schedule of appointments President Abraham Lincoln had to keep day after day. Yet when an elderly woman with no official business in mind asked to see him, he graciously consented.

As she entered Lincoln’s office, he rose to greet her and asked how he might be of service. She replied that she had not come to ask a favor. She had heard that the President liked a certain kind of cookie, so she had baked some for him and brought them to his office.

With tears in his eyes, Lincoln responded, “You are the very first person who has ever come into my office asking not, expecting not, but rather bringing me a gift. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

When coming into God’s presence, once in a while it may be good to refrain from asking Him for something. Instead, let’s simply bring Him the gift of gratitude and love. We can be sure nothing pleases our Father more than our sincere thanksgiving.

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How does a Christian best deal with bad news when it comes? We have to keep our faith anchored in Jesus Christ and His promise that we have been “predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, Jesus” (Romans 8:29). God will not give up in that effort.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingerich remembered, “I was dramatically shaped by my grandmother and aunts, because they convinced me when I was four years old that there was always a cookie available. It might be baked or might be store-bought, but it’s in a jar somewhere. Today when I open up the cupboard and the cookie isn’t there, I don’t say, ‘Gee, there’s no cookie.’ I say, ‘I wonder where the cookie is.'”

The next time bad news knocks on your door, go looking for the cookie; with God in control its got to be somewhere.

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Nutrition Facts

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Girl Scouts are busy out there selling cookies right now.  We all know this is an annual fund-raiser for the Girl Scouts.  And we all know how good these cookies are.  I’m looking at a half-eaten box of Thin Mints (my favorite) as I write this.  How can anything that tastes so delicious have all those unsavory ingredients that are listed on the label?  Such things as thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, and cocoa processed with alkali!  Yuck!  There’s got to be a lesson in that somewhere.

Perhaps we learn that for anything to be really “good” it must also have some elements that aren’t so good.  Like marriage, for example.  For there to be a really good marriage, there must be a testing time that brings out the worst in each partner so it can be dealt with so only the good remains.  That takes a process of time and involves some yucky stuff, but, boy, is it worth it in the end!  Hang in there; it gets better.

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