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So, Congress finally reached an agreement between the Republicans and Democrats that allows us to raise the debt limit and go deeper into debt. The Democrats had agreed to give up many entitlements to the poor that we could not afford. But the Republicans did not want to give anything. They thought they could blackmail the President into having their way if he wanted reelected. Finally, almost at the last minute, the Republicans agreed to give up some of the tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. That was a fair compromise that should have come long ago.

In our households, if we run out of money we do one of two things, or both. Either we cut spending to balance the budget, which no one likes, or we get another job, which no one likes, either. Or, do both and resolve the problem quicker. Since Dwight Eisenhower was President, our government has just gotten bigger every year by borrowing more money, just like a spoiled rich kid with Dad’s credit card. Sooner or later the money runs out and the debt must be accounted for. We have reached that stage.

The battle is not over. The Republicans and Democrats will have to work together to make even more cuts because part of the agreement is to mandate balancing the budget. With compromisers on both sides, this can be done. With conservative and liberal extremists on either side, it will be another stalemate.

What’s your personal opinion of all this?

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The other night Anita and I watched a movie on TV entitled The Adjustment Bureau. The plot unfolded around this small group of elite people who devised a Matrix-like intricate system to lead people down a path they had devised for them. People were not allowed to deviate from the plan prescribed by the Chairman. We could not help but see a hidden reference to God and His plan for us in that plot. However, the key player in the film found a way to deviate from the Chairman’s path, just as we often find a way to deviate from God’s plan for ourselves.

Just as a river winds through the countryside because it follows the path of least resistance, so do our lives become crooked when we keep deviating from God’s perfect plan for us by taking the easy way. The more we take short cuts and compromise godly values for bad behavior, the more turns in our life’s path.

In the Old Testament, the prophet Daniel set an example for all of us. Daniel 1:8 records, “Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself.” That’s another good verse to place on your refrigerator.

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