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Paul had just said that we are joint heirs with Christ, if we suffer with Him (v. 17). “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us” (Romans 8:18).

“Reckon” is an old English word that means ‘to consider’ or ‘to give account’. In other words, this was a new mindset that he had assumed. All the sufferings that he had gone through in his persecutions for Christ didn’t begin to compare with the blessings he will receive in heaven. ‘Think this way…’ Paul was saying.

People who study these things say my life expectancy in 85 years, and my wife has a few more. Then what? Just as we all need to plan financially for retirement, we also need to plan spiritually. Store up treasures in heaven now as an investment toward the future eternity in heaven. That investment will never expire.

So, let’s get our eyes off our difficulties today, and focus on the glory in heaven. The two just don’t compare.

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God will wean you from dependence on any hand but His. He’ll allow the Pharaoh who fed you last year to abuse you this year. Then He’ll bring you into the wilderness and teach you to trust in Him alone. Note:

1) At first, you may not recognize your provision. The word manna means “What is it?” (Exodus 16:15). They’d never seen anything like it. It required faith to receive it. Don’t be afraid of something because it doesn’t come prepackaged the way you like it. Instead say, “Lord, if it’s according to Your Word I’m going to receive it, thank You for it, enjoy it and start living off it.”

2) It had to be gathered first thing each morning. Why? Because by noon the sun had melted it. Before you do anything else, go get your manna. Feed yourself on God’s Word before the enemy gets a chance to hit you. Once you’ve done that, you can handle whatever the day brings.

3) You receive according to your need, not your neighbor’s. God won’t bless you so that you can keep up with the guy in the next tent; if your neighbor has more kids to feed, he gets more manna. Stop measuring your blessing by what somebody else has. Your blessing is predicated on 2 things: a) The amount needed to fulfill your God-given assignment. b) The degree to which God can trust you with it. So quit comparing and complaining about what God gave your neighbor; and start being grateful for the “What is it?” that He’s placed at the door of your tent.

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