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Brian Buhler tells a fictitious story of three men who were born blind but who had been miraculously healed by Jesus. The three heard about one another and decided to get together to celebrate their unity in Christ and to exchange testimonies. After the men introduced themselves and exchanged warm embraces, one man began telling his story.

Bartimaeus said, “Gentlemen, let me go first. I cannot wait to tell you what Jesus did for me. I was outside the city of Jericho when Jesus walked by, surrounded by a mob of people. I cried out, ‘Son of David! Son of David! Have mercy on me!’ and Jesus stopped. The crowd quieted down. He asked me the most unusual question. He asked, ‘What do you want me to do for you?’ I said, ‘Rabbi, I want to see.’ He said, ‘Go. Your faith has made you well.’ Gentlemen, at that moment, instantaneously I could see. I was healed. As a result, I have come to this conclusion: When it comes to healing blind people, Jesus uses our faith and His word, and that equals healing.”

The other two shook their heads and frowned. They obviously disagreed with Bartimaeus’ conclusion. Unable to keep quiet, the man from Bethsaida spoke up. He said, “Gentlemen, my story of how Christ touched me isn’t anything like that. Jesus took me out of the city, and he spit directly into my eyes. Then he touched my eyes with his hands. I was expecting an instantaneous healing like yours, Bartimaeus, but when I opened my eyes, it was awful. I saw men as trees walking. Everything was a blur. I thought, ‘If this is what it is like to be healed by Jesus, he’s not much of a healer.’ Then Jesus repeated the procedure. He spit in my eyes again and touched me again. Gentlemen, the second time I opened my eyes, I could see. As a result, I am convinced that when Jesus heals blind people, he uses spit, and it’s always in two stages.”

By this time, the third man was red in the face. he said, “Gentlemen, I would seriously doubt the validity of both your conclusions. When Jesus healed me, he used saliva all right. But he did not spit in my face. Instead, he spit in the ground, and he took the saliva and the dirt and made mud packs and put mud packs on my eyes. It was uncomfortable and somewhat disgusting. Then he told me to go to the pool of Siloam and commanded me to wash the mud out in the pool. As I washed it out, I could see instantly. As a result, I am convinced that when Jesus heals blind people, he uses mud and the holy waters of the pool of Siloam.”

The three men argued with one another well into the night and went away divided on the matter of Jesus and healing. In the days that followed they formed three denominations – the Mudites, the Spitites, and the Faithites. The Mudites made mud their sacrament of healing, the Spitites made saliva their sacrament, and the Faithies assigned no special sacrament at all to healing, believing that faith in Christ’s word was all that was necessary to be made well.

Which one do you belong to?

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Remember the old hymn that says, “I once was blind, but now I see”? Have I ever told about the time I was blind? I was about 12 or so and was working on a project in the back yard. I was using a can of spray paint and it was clogged. I had seen my Dad clear out a clog before, so I felt confident in my ability. I took the plunger off and stuck a paperclip down in the hole. Nothing happened, so I took a closer look. Bad idea!

It was a can of white paint and the moment I looked down it let go. I spray painted my eyeballs white. I immediately panicked. I could see nothing. So I called my little sister over and told her to lead me to the bathroom, where I began flushing my eyes with cold water. My sister then got Mom. As Mom stepped into the doorway of the bathroom, I opened my eyes and looked at myself in the mirror. I could see again! That’s when Mom burst out laughing. She had no mercy on my miserable soul. She just laughed at me. Dad got a pretty good kick out of it, too, but he just told me how to clean the paint off my face and hair: with gasoline. My face turned from white to red.

I learned a pretty good lesson that day. What lesson does that story remind you of?

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David Roper tells this interesting story:

“Some years ago I placed a squirrel feeder on a fir tree a few yards from our home. It’s a simple device – two boards and a nail on which to impale a corncob. Each morning a squirrel comes to enjoy that day’s meal. She’s a pretty thing – black with a round, gray tummy.

“I sit on our back porch in the morning and watch her eat. She plucks each kernal from the cob, holds it in her paws, turns it around and eats the heart out of the kernel. At the end of the day no kernals remain, only a neat little pile of leftovers under the tree.

“Despite my care for her, the creature is afraid of me. When I approach, she runs away, taking refuge in her tree and chattering at me when I get too close. She doesn’t know that I provide for her.

“Some people are like that with God. They run from Him in fear. They don’t know that He loves them and richly provides them with everything for their enjoyment” (Psalm 65:11).

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If you haven’t heard yet, Carolyn Miller passed away last night following a battle with pneumonia . She was a sister to Marie Brewer, Sandy Albright, Cindy Rowe and Fred Ballentine, and dear friend of Dennis ‘Hap’ Dawson, all who also attend New Hope.

When I first met Carolyn years ago, she was a mixed up, backslidden Christian. Apparently she had received some bad teaching on Christianity and was convinced she had walked too far away from God to ever come back. Seriously, I thought at the time she might have a mental disability, but soon discovered it was spiritual deception. As she met with me in my office, over the phone, and in email communications, I became amazed at how quickly she learned and responded to my counsel. I rarely had to tell her something she needed to know twice. She needed the truth to set her free and just got it the first time.

As the months went on, I saw a change in her life. Her spiritual disillusionment became spiritual hope. The joy of the Lord returned to her again. She got more involved in her church and we began to see the change in the results of her life.

For unknown reasons, God has decided her purpose on this earth has been completed, and called her home. She is now with Jesus and I’ll miss having someone as teachable as Carolyn asking the tough questions in life.

What will you remember about Carolyn?

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