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The company was losing money. The price of its stock was sliding, and the corporate board was grumbling. So the president, desperate to do something, fired the vice-president in charge of sales.

In a similar situation, a college basketball team was mired in a losing season after 6 consecutive successful years and three visits to the NCAA Tournament. Attendance was down and the alumni were howling. So the university fired the coach.

In both cases, good people were released because the organization needed a scapegoat. They focused the blame on one person, even though many were at fault.

That’s what happened to Jesus. Caiaphas, the high priest, without knowing the impact of what he was saying, declared, “It is expedient for us that one man should die for the people” (John 11:50). Jesus became a scapegoat for the rest of us.




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Two construction workers sat down at noon to eat. One opened his lunch box and began to scream angrily, “Baloney again! I can’t believe it! I hate baloney! This is the third time this week that I’ve had baloney. I can’t stand baloney!”

His friend tried to settle him down, “Take it easy. Why don’t you just tell your wife that you don’t like baloney. Ask her to make something different.”

“Wife?” replied the first, “I make my own lunches.”

Much of our misery we bring upon ourselves. Perhaps there’s an area of your life that makes you angry. Could you be your own worst enemy?

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Years ago Anita and I had a disagreement at church. We had a baptism that Sunday night. In those days I got into the baptistry tank and did the baptizing myself, only removing my shoes, belt, and jacket. So I came up out of the tank after baptizing several people soaked from top to bottom, including my white shirt and tie.

I always brought in my change of clothes and hung them in the dressing room, but they were gone! I had to wait until the other guys were departing to have them get my wife. I accused her of moving my clothes. “Where were they?” She replied she hadn’t touched them, but by now I was cold and not happy. She went out to check my car, but I told her I distinctly remembered bringing them in.

Moments later she returned with my cold clothes in hand. I shivered all the way home that night.

Have you ever blamed someone else for your mistake? Tell us about it.

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