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We had a bee infestation a week ago. In a small Pin Oak tree that I had planted, a mass of honey bees took up a nest. They were swarming all over each other in a mass larger than a basketball. The top of the tree swayed over almost to the ground. Our grand-kids were visiting and we had to keep them out of that part of the yard.

Two days later the swarm was gone, all but a small mass about two inches in diameter. They’ve been in that spot for about a week now. So, Anita called the County Extension office to see if there might be a bee keeper who might want them. She was advised to just let them alone and they’ll either die or leave on their own; they were no threat. The agent told us that the Queen bee had been there initially, and the others followed. When the queen left, all the others followed her.

These remaining were bees that were out of the tree when the queen left. They were lost and didn’t know where to go. That reminds me that there will be a time when Jesus comes back for His own. Then those who are left behind will have to function on the earth in very difficult circumstances. And I don’t want to be alive on the earth in those days! Don’t be left behind.

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