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The owner of a Denver restaurant reported, “I first tried to sell buffalo tongue as an hors d’oeuvre at $1.75 and had no takers. So I priced it at $6.75, set a limit of two to a customer, and sold out every night.”

Why are people so desirable of expensive or limited things? Why do we think that because something costs more it has a greater value? The above true example shows us that people do think that way.

But, if we make salvation a free gift, does it lose its value? Why is it people think we must somehow “earn” that salvation by doing some work or disciplining our behavior?

The truth is, salvation isn’t free at all. Jesus paid the hefty bill himself by shedding His blood on the cross. Its free to us, but it cost Him dearly. That’s why we change our lives…to live for Him who died for us.

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Everyone wants a great bargain. Pay close attention to the real deal you get in this national donut store chain ad:

FREE! 3 Muffins when you buy 3 at the Regular Half-Dozen price.

Unless there’s a typo in that, it sounds like you can buy 6 donuts at the price of 6 donuts. But the double-talk makes it seem like another deal altogether.

Its kind of like that with Satan’s deceptions. He makes it sound like its a special deal to do this or that. Then in the end, we pay much more than we thought, and the bargain ceases to become a bargain. The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23) and there is no way around it except to repent.

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