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Have you ever yearned for the good old days when things were simpler and seemed brighter? Remember what the Preacher declared in Ecclesiastes 7:10: “Do not say, ‘Why were the old days better then these?’ For it is not wise to ask such questions“.

Why is it not wise to ask that?

  • Because those days are by-gone days; there are no current opportunities in them.
  • Because these are the days God has placed us in and have opportunities in them.
  • Because there is no fortune in looking backwards.
  • Because those days only look better when we remove the problems that have since been solved.
  • Because everything only seems to look clearer in the rear-view mirror.

Yesterday is the memory of those who lived yesterday. Tomorrow is the possibility of those who live today. These can be the good days if we make them such.

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The Wall Street Journal published a story about Harry Lipsig. At age 88 Harry decided to leave the New York law firm he had spent most of his life building up. He decided to open a new firm. So, at an age when many people have given up on life, Mr. Lipsig decided to try his first case in some time.

A lady was suing the city of New York because a drunken police officer had struck and killed her seventy-one year old husband with his patrol car. She argued that the city had deprived her of her husband’s future earnings potential. The city argued that at age 71, he had little earnings potential. They thought they had a pretty clever defense until they realized that this lady’s argument about her husband’s future earning power was being advanced by a vigorous 88-year old attorney.

The city settled the case for $1.25 million. What if Harry Lipsig had said, “I’m only a senior citizen?”

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A week ago I was out at DeKalb High School for our technical rehearsal on Saturday night. It was important we all walked through everything we would do on that Sunday morning. Of course, whenever an outside group rents the school, we are required to pay the custodian on duty. As I was walking out I thanked him for his time.

He had noticed my name slide up on the screen and noticed my name was Diehl. So, he asked me if I had a son named Tom. Tom is my brother, not my son. That cut me to the quick. How old do I look anyway?

I got a kick out of sharing that story with several people over the weekend. Anita says I should shave my white beard and then I’d look 15 years younger. What do you think of that idea? I need some help defending myself.




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Part of my job and my joy as a pastor has been to visit and connect with older people in the nursing homes. The majority of nursing home residents are females because they tend to live longer, and because men are often too stubborn to give up their independence until it is taken from them. So I try to connect with the men in those places especially. And I’ve been the only visitor for some of them.

Now that I’m where I am with this prostate cancer I am reminded of the many older men I have visited with serious limitations due to their enlarged prostates. I remember one older member of our church who couldn’t control his bladder and his pants were always wet. Another aged farmer I befriended spent his time suffering because he could not urinate (day after day).

As I recall those experiences, I’m thinking that it may not be such a horrifying thing to have my prostate removed after all. Perhaps those future problems I might have to face will not become a reality at all for me as a side effect of this cancer. Maybe more than one good thing will come out of this.

I’d like to know what good things have you seen in your own life that were a side effect of a bad thing.

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