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Former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev told of a time when there was a wave of theft in the Soviet Union. To curtail this the authorities put up guards around the factories. At one timberworks in Leningrad, the guard knew the workers at the factory very well. The first evening, out came Pyotr Petrovich whith a wheelbarrow, and, on the wheelbarrow, a great bulky sack with a suspicious-looking object inside.

“All right, Petrovich,” said the guard, “what have you got there?” “Oh, just sawdust and shavings,” Petrovich replied.

“Come on,” the guard said, “I wasn’t born yesterday. Tip it out.” And out came nothing but sawdust and shavings. So he was allowed to put it all back and go home. When the same thing happened every night of the week, the guard became frustrated.

Finally, his curiosity overcame his frustration. “Petrovich,” he said, “I know you. Tell me what you’re smuggling out of here, and I’ll let you go.” Petrovich replied, “Wheelbarrows.”

I think it is Satan’s desire to get us distracted like that guard was. If Satan can get our attention onto the economy, North Korea, our kids’ activities, and paying for all our possessions, then Jesus and His blessings slip by us unnoticed. Focusing on the minors, we completely miss the majors.

What has distracted you from the main thing?

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If you haven’t heard yet, Carolyn Miller passed away last night following a battle with pneumonia . She was a sister to Marie Brewer, Sandy Albright, Cindy Rowe and Fred Ballentine, and dear friend of Dennis ‘Hap’ Dawson, all who also attend New Hope.

When I first met Carolyn years ago, she was a mixed up, backslidden Christian. Apparently she had received some bad teaching on Christianity and was convinced she had walked too far away from God to ever come back. Seriously, I thought at the time she might have a mental disability, but soon discovered it was spiritual deception. As she met with me in my office, over the phone, and in email communications, I became amazed at how quickly she learned and responded to my counsel. I rarely had to tell her something she needed to know twice. She needed the truth to set her free and just got it the first time.

As the months went on, I saw a change in her life. Her spiritual disillusionment became spiritual hope. The joy of the Lord returned to her again. She got more involved in her church and we began to see the change in the results of her life.

For unknown reasons, God has decided her purpose on this earth has been completed, and called her home. She is now with Jesus and I’ll miss having someone as teachable as Carolyn asking the tough questions in life.

What will you remember about Carolyn?

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Joe sat at his dying wife’s bedside. Her voice was little more than a whisper. “Joe, darling,” she breathed, “I’ve got a confession to make before I go. I’m the one who took the ten thousand dollars from your safe and spent it on a fling with your best friend, Charles. And it was I who forced your mistress to leave the city. And I am the one who reported your income tax evasion to the government.”

“That’s all right, don’t give it a second thought,” answered Joe, “I’m the one who poisoned you.”

Unforgiveness never gives up. It is destructive and is persistent. And it leads to death. As Mark Gungor advises, sometimes we’ve got to hit the ‘Reset’ button and start over.

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