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Tony Smith went home to be with Jesus Monday night. He was kind of a lost soul when we first met him, attending church with Denice, who later became his wife. Tony had a rough past, having served in combat roles in the military during the war in Iraq. He declared himself to be a Mormon, but clearly didn’t know what that meant. The more we talked about Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the more interested He became.

His attendance became more and more regular until he even came by himself when Denice couldn’t. He said to me that he had found peace within himself, and that only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Although Tony tended to be on the quiet side, I’m sure he’s a little more expressive today when worshiping His Savior in Father’s House. We’ll miss your presence, Tony.

What will you remember about Tony Smith?



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Judy LaFevra has gone home to be with the Lord. Judy was always optimistic and excited for the Lord. And she was a strong behind-the-scenes supporter for Don in his musical ministry. And she was a detail person!

Some time back Judy had a serious health issue and God pulled her through it with several miracles. She wanted to tell me all about it. She also wanted to share that testimony with the church. Because we knew Judy was a talker, we asked her if we could video the testimony and edit it to a 4-minute testimony. She agreed. By the time the video shoot was completed, she had talked for a half hour. So, we had to cut way more than we saved. When she saw it, she was disappointed. All of that was important, she said. And it was – it was her story. But we had to make it fit our setting. Pastor Adam was stressed about how to edit it, but I was chuckling inside myself. Judy wanted to give God the glory for everything – every detail.

Both Judy and her husband, Don, were great encouragers. Now she has received the ultimate healing and is at peace with God.

What will you remember about Judy LaFevra?



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Jim Sattison went home to be with the Lord Sunday. We’ll miss him and should pray for Lenora. Jim was active in Boy Scouts when I was a kid and I have precious memories of him back in those old days.

He and Lenora usually attended church on Saturday nights. He struggled with his faith, like many of us, but never gave up. He was proud of his years as a UAW officer in his union. Although Jim was quiet and would not likely be considered a pillar of the church, yet he believed in the Lord as his Savior. That makes him a saint in God’s eyes.

What will you remember about Jim Sattison?



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Today I officiated at the funeral of Judy Baker Brandeberry. When we were still in our old building, Judy and her daughters, Deb Bunn and Jill Baker, attended with their families. Judy was active in a Recovery Group that Pastor Ernie Kohlmyer led and was active in church.

I remember that Judy loved to cook and was active in preparing several men’s breakfasts we had going back then. She was always a fun-lover and a real support in reaching out to troubled people, both men and women. What do you remember about Judy?



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Marilyn Yarde passed away this week. Her husband, Richard, was deaf and they have faithfully attended New Hope for the past two years, always sitting in the front in the ASL sign language section. She was a lifetime member of the Garrett First Baptist Church, attending New Hope so her husband could have the benefit of the sign interpretation.

Marilyn, age 75, would often fall asleep during my sermons, but always had an encouraging word for me. When I asked her daughter, Betty, what she remembered most about Marilyn, she recalled cutting roses from a rosebush at the home and taking them to residents of the nursing home. She also was active in the ladies’ aid society of her church, working on many fund-raising projects.

I will miss her energetic words. What will you remember about Marilyn?



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You may have heard that Jeff Dorgelo passed away Monday after a battle with liver cancer. He was too young. I visited him a couple of weeks ago and asked him about his faith. I wanted to be sure he was prepared to meet his God. He assured me he was, and with tears in his eyes, recounted the story.

He was attending church and I shared an illustration that made sense to him. I described Jesus as a bridge that connected a holy God (Who couldn’t understand sinful man), and sinful man (who couldn’t understand a righteous God). To find peace with God we have to cross the bridge, which was accepting Him as our Savior. Jeff said he thought to himself, “That makes sense”, and believed right then. He had to do some growing, but he had crossed that bridge.

I don’t remember using that illustration, but I’m glad Jeff remembered and got it. Today he is with the Father in Paradise. Have you crossed the bridge yet?

What will you remember about Jeff Dorgelo?



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Sharon Yurt passed away unexpectedly Wednesday. The viewing is at Feller/Clark in Auburn tomorrow (Sunday) from 2-6 and the funeral is Monday at Noon at the funeral home. Sharon tended to be rather quiet in her personality, but we loved her and her husband, Dale.

I remember at our church’s annual picnic a couple of years ago they came with cozy lawn chairs. I came up to them, sat down, and spent about ten minutes speaking with them, because they were rather new. When I walked away, Sharon learned over to Dale and said, “That was the pastor!” He said, “Yes it was.” She said, “He was wearing a pair of blue jean shorts and a pair of sneakers!!” She was surprised to see the pastor dressed down at a picnic. That so impressed her that they’ve been coming ever since.

I believe the angels have ushered Sharon into the presence of the Lord where she can finally rest in peace.

What will you remember about Sharon Yurt?