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Five years ago we got a new kitten. Anita felt sorry for our adult female cat (named Michael Tyson because she bit Adam’s ear) being all alone, so we agreed to get a baby kitten. This one was a male and just old enough to separate from its mother. Anita asked me to name him, so he was dubbed ‘Gizmo’. She asked me what that meant, and I replied that its a nickname for ‘Gadget’.

But Tyson was not about to be consoled by the male Gizmo. She hissed and batted him around. So, Anita was sitting on the porch trying to get them to make friends. Not happening. These two cats were going to have to work out their differences on their own as they carried out their ‘turf war’ and established their own ‘pecking order’.

I was reflecting on Anita’s vain efforts later while mowing the lawn and the Lord spoke to my heart. What was going on between those cats is what goes on in a marriage. The only way young married couples work out their own ‘turf wars’ is to verbally bat each other around a bit until they learn how to find what works for them. Over the years we become set in our ways and settled in our own dysfunctions. We need to speak up and communicate to learn how to “get along” with each other. Fear of rejection by our spouse can make that open communication a problem.

My desire is to take these last 30 Marriage Tips, follow them each up with discussion questions, and make a booklet available to married couples as a self-help guide to get them unstuck. Pray that I can get this accomplished in 2017.

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