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Shellie Purdy just went home to be with Jesus after a long struggle with cancer. She was a fighter and refused to give up. Some of us may know that she wrote a book on her struggles with doubt and how God carried her through adversity called ‘Knocked Down by Life, Lifted Up by God’. Its pretty encouraging.

Although she had battles with sickness and weakness, she attended church whenever she was able. And she was always an encourager. She was adamant that she was going to beat this battle and refused to allow anyone around her to talk about death, even up to the end. The great healing evangelist, Oral Roberts used to say that death is the ultimate healing. She today has her new body and no more pain.

I remember when they first began attending New Hope that she asked for prayer for her situation. After, her husband, Terry, was in the foyer and mentioned a bad back. A couple of men prayed for him and the pain immediately went away. It was a healing for Terry and encouragement of God’s ability to Shellie.

What will you remember about Shellie?

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Sandy Gonzalez

I will remember that while Shellie was sick, rather than focusing on the negative or feeling sorry for herself, she started blogging to encourage others and to share Jesus with everyone she could reach.

November 18th, 2016 at 11:21 pm

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