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Eileen Pierce has entered heaven. She was a member of our church and firm believer in Jesus Christ. She had attended Lakewood Park when it was the Bible Baptist Church under Pastor Wayne Smith. When she entered Betz Nursing Home she began attending the Thursday afternoon church service New Hope provided. That’s when she told me she wanted to join New Hope. I don’t want us to grow our church by stealing sheep from other churches, so I put her off. But, she was persistent.

I remember her being a committed Christian and very encouraging to me. She was very dignified and spent a lot of time “getting ready” to look her best. In the last year of her life she became very frustrated. She commented that she was jealous of others who went on to heaven and she remained here in her limited abilities. She told me that she didn’t know what her life’s purpose was at this stage of life. I told her, “Eileen, you have lots of time on your hands. Maybe God’s purpose for you is to pray for me and other pastors.” She promised me she would pray for me.

Now, I’ve lost her as a prayer support. Would anyone like to step in and fill her shoes as my prayer support?

What will you remember about Eileen?

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Cheryl Eyster

I will continue to be your prayer support Pastor.

August 24th, 2016 at 7:02 pm

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