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The sign of the highway says Speed Limit 55. You glance at your speedometer. It reads 60. A car passes you going at least 70. A huge semi follows, sucking you toward the center line. But what about the law – that 55 MPH sign?

Laws are lifeless words in statute books. They restrain only if power backs them up. Who of us hasn’t let up on the accelerator when a police car appeared in the rear-view mirror? But can you think of a time when a law or an officer instilled within you a love for driving 55?

That’s also true with God’s commands. Fear of punishment or getting caught may check our actions. But it takes a stronger force than that to make us want to obey. That power comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He has fulfilled the law perfectly, and by dying on the cross He paid the penalty for our breaking the law. God now declares, “No condemnation!”

God’s law shows us a need that only God’s grace can supply.

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