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We had a little excitement in our neck of the woods last night. A 7 or 8 year old boy from the addition across from our house ran away from home. As it was getting dark, sheriff’s deputies surrounded a corn field in which he was suspected to be hiding. The Samaritan helicopter made repeated passes over the cornfield, now over 6 feet high, but could not spot him. They finally brought in bloodhounds who tracked him and found him.

The excitement was that folks came out from all over Waterloo to line up along the perimeter of the field to watch for him. My wife noted, “Its crisis that brings people together. When the crisis was passed, they all went back into their privacy.” There’s a lesson in that.

I also observed that the boy couldn’t be found because he had chosen to run away and hide. There’s a difference between getting lost and intentionally hiding. I wonder how many of us haven’t just lost our way in life, but we have intentionally gotten ourselves lost. Rather than working out our problems, we stay hidden in our own corner of the cornfield and hope no one notices we’re in there. Obscurity becomes our safe haven.

But I’m so thankful that 44 years ago God sent in the Hound of Heaven to find me and rescue me. And my life hasn’t been the same since.

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