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Living out of town, we have a well and septic system at our house. In theory, a septic tank is self-sustaining. The bacteria inherent within the tank should keep deteriorating the solids indefinitely. In fact, however, the laundry detergent and soaps that flow into the same tank kill the bacteria so that solids build up over time. It is not self-sustaining. So, every three years I have to call a septic company to pump out my septic tank. Otherwise, solids would flow out and plug up the fingers that drain the tank. That would be a costly repair.

So, Monday we called in a big tank truck to pump out the tank. My two granddaughters, Raegan and Ruby were there, so I educated them on how a septic tank works and let them look down the opening into the tank. I explained to them how it worked and why we needed to do this maintenance. We called the man who pumped it out the ‘Honey-Dipper’.

As they were leaving at the close of the day, I reminded them, “Don’t forget to tell your Daddy who was at our house today”. Raegan got a kick out of telling her Dad the Honey-Dipper was at Grandpa’s House. I told her to tell him about it when they sat down for supper.

Nothing in this life is self-sustaining. Everything wears to a stop. Without routine maintenance, everything fails. And that includes the joy of the Lord in your life. Keep things pumped out and pure. Its the only way to sustain spiritual peace.

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