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Do you know what I would love to do? I would love to get together for Sunday lunch after church with a small group of people just to fellowship and hang out together over a meal. I would also love to lead a small group of couples to mentor them on how to make marriage work happily ever after. And then, I would love to meet with a small group of men in our church to discuss what the Bible has to say about better leading our wives and children. It would also be a passion of mine to work with a small group of people who would like to study their family history and learn where they came from and the stories behind that. It would be great to have a small group of parents sit around and discuss the difficulties of raising kids in the 21st century. And I would love to work with a small group that studies end-time prophecy and how it relates to today. But how do I find time to do all that I want to do and still find time to care for my family and refresh myself?

I think the only answer to my question is that I have to reproduce myself. Instead of trying to be Superman and doing all I want to do, I need to release the people God has placed around me to do these small groups. My dream can be fulfilled only when many people step up to the plate to lead one of these groups…many groups. God has not only taught me many lessons about these practical aspects of life, but He’s also taught many of you.

In the next weeks, we’ll be talking more about how you can help to multiply yourself into others by leading or participating in a small group of fellow believers who are just like you and have the same interests as you. Possibly God has prepared you for such a time as this. Pray about it.

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