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The first electric light was so dim that a candle was needed to see its socket. One of the first steamboats took 32 hours to chug its way from New York to Albany, a distance of 150 miles. Wilbur and Orville Wright’s first airplane flight lasted only 12 seconds. And the first automobiles traveled 2 to 4 miles per hour and broke down often. These were all slow starts that took a while to develop.

My first Sunday morning sermon lasted 12 minutes and I was out of information. My first attempt at sharing my faith led to some intense rejection. And our church only had 45 people (including kids) at our first Sunday service. We should never snub small beginnings. Everything starts small and grows if it is alive.

Are you off to a slow start? Don’t let a rough beginnning in your endeavor for the Lord get you down and cause you to quit. When you know you’re in God’s will and you’re obeying His call, stick with it.

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