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Years ago Anita and I had a car that had worn tires, so we replaced them with a complete set of Michelin tires. At the time, Michelin’s were promoted as being among the highest quality tires. It was the first time I had reached up for quality. About 9 months later the tread on one of them began to separate, creating a bubble in the tread that made the tire bounce at driving speeds. I replaced the faulty tire with a warranty discount. A couple of months later the same thing happened with a second tire. Several months later it happened again with a third tire.

Suspecting 3 out of 4 was a good indicator that the 4th was also faulty, I just replaced the last one, too. Although the advertizing made me think I would get better quality, in actuality, it cost me more in time and money than if I had purchased a lesser brand.

Our perception sometimes can’t see deeper flaws. Sometimes we Christians clean up pretty good, but we have deep flaws in our character (sin) that we can’t see. Over the road of life those flaws separate out and cause our lives to bounce around. We need to repent and start over again. Make a fresh start with Jesus.

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