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Our family once vacationed on a rather new lake in Michigan which source was a dam constructed over a river some years before. The bottom of that lake was strewn with brush from trees that had once grown there. Dad and I were trolling for walleye when my line became tangled on the bottom. My Dad was an expert fisherman and knew how get it free. He showed me how to pull the fishing line taut, then release it with a snap, releasing the hook (hopefully). We worked on that for over an hour, and were about to cut the line, when it broke free.

I reeled in my line, and, to my amazement, brought to the surface a gnarled ball of tangled fishing line and a half-dozen lures that had become lodged there in the past. I didn’t catch any fish, but I had bait for the next day.

Sometimes our lives become entangled in the affairs of this world, like my fish line. We can do all we can to extricate ourselves from the mess we’re in, but the only way out is for something to break. If you are entangled in something while reading this, God is telling you to break free while you still can. Run!

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