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This is Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving. The day you’re supposed to pack out the shopping centers and spend most of your Christmas money. The day the stores are supposed to be giving us crazy bargains in sales for the holiday. But is it really anything but a huge marketing tool, where they mark up the prices so they can mark them down just for you? I’ll let you decide.

And there are those who want us to boycott Black Friday as a protest. Is there anyone who will really not shop today because they’re protesting? We Americans typically do what we want to do whenever we want. So, I suspect most of us will treat this Black Friday like every other Black Friday. We either play the game or we don’t.

Maybe its like that with Christianity. We either follow the rules or we don’t. Those who don’t follow the rules get discouraged with the faith real early, because they don’t see it working. Those who follow the rules find themselves growing, because they see it working. Go deeper with Jesus and it will be a prosperous day for each of us.

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