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Last Sunday afternoon Anita and I were outside cleaning her bicycle. We both noticed with great interest a wasp-type insect dragging a huge spider across the concrete pad behind our garage. The wasp would let go, check out a 12″-16″ area in front, and then go back and drag his victim backwards for that distance, then go ahead and check out his route again, and then come back for the haul. The spider was freshly killed, because his legs were very limp as his body bounced along the rough surface.

The wasp checked his route carefully before he backed up with his cache. Its my prayer that more people would check their route carefully before they proceed. It would save a lot of bankruptcies, divorces, and heartache. Think before you make decisions today.

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Sharon Servis With a Smile

Good word, Pastor. Think things through. Sleep on them. Pray about them. Do your homework. Seems like a lot, but can save a great deal of stress and distress in the long run.

August 29th, 2013 at 10:59 am

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