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Squire Boone was Daniel Boone’s brother. They explored the Mountains of Kentucky and fought Indians together. On one trip to what is today southern Indiana, Squire and Daniel discovered a cave behind a waterfall. Years later, Squire was being chased by Indians and hid himself in that cave. As the Indians searched diligently for him all around, he remained quiet in the cave and prayed. It was there that he had an experience with God that changed his life.

When Indiana became open for settlement he moved his family to southern Indiana to be near the place where God saved him from the Indians. In his will, his final request was to be buried in that cave where he met his God. In his last days he made his own coffin and his sons placed it in the cave. That was all legend for decades.

In the 1970s the cave was discovered and historians attempted to excavate the cave to find markings Squire was said to have left there while hiding from the Indians. Instead, they found Squire Boone’s skeletal remains. The cave is today known as Squire Boone Caverns.

Where did you meet Jesus?

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