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The Pharisees incessantly hounded the healed blind man because he would not declare Jesus to be a sinner. Finally this quiet and humble man opened his mouth: “Why, here is a marvelous thing, that you don’t know from where He is come, and yet He has opened my eyes. Now we know that God doesn’t hear sinners: but if any man be a worshiper of God, and does His will, him He hears. Since the world began it was not heard that any man opened the eyes of one that was born blind. If this man were not of God, He could do nothing” (John 9:30b-33).

That’s pretty bold talk for a man who had spent his entire life feeling insecure and depending upon others for everything. Most people with his background would have backed down under such pressure. Sometimes when a person has a handicap, he/she learns to sharpen other senses. This guy seemed to have a pretty sharp mind and clear theological thinking for someone with no formal education. He just entangled the educated Pharisees in their own theology.

I love what God can do with a new Christian. When my spiritual eyes were first opened, I became a little radical myself. I didn’t know much about the Jesus of the Bible, but I knew I had to diligently search until I knew more. Thank God for people who stand up to religious hypocrites when its called for.

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Diana Waters

This is my favorite part of this story. What courage! What intestinal fortitude to stand up to those Pharisees!

July 29th, 2013 at 11:27 pm

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