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Weddings are formal events, whether we’re very formal or not. I officiated at a wedding several years ago that made me chuckle. The groom was all decked out in his rented tux and looked like such a gentleman. He had carefully shaved and had his haircut. Everything went like it was planned.

But as we started the service, his nose began to run. I don’t know if it was an allergy, or he had a cold, or his nerves were getting to his nasal passages, but it kept running. I had asked them to join hands, so they were holding hands together. What’s a man in a wedding under orders to hold hands to do?

When I looked up after praying, I noticed this long line of snot hanging like a pendulum from the end of his nose. I considered telling him he could now kiss the bride, but I allowed him to get out his handkerchief and take care of business.

Have you ever been in an awkward situation that you just didn’t know how to handle? Jesus found Himself in those times often, but He always knew what to do. Perhaps we should stay prayed up like He did.


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