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The Apostle Paul is giving rules for order in the ministry of spiritual gifts in a public assembly. He continues, “If any thing be revealed to another that sits by, let the first hold his peace” (1 Corinthians 14:30).

When it comes to spiritual gifts, there must be an order for everything in the church. Spiritual gifts do not bring chaos; people functioning in the flesh with spiritual gifts bring chaos. Spiritual gifts are the power of God to reveal something as a tool for ministering to them. In the hands of competitive-minded people or jealous people (qualities of the soul, not spirit), spiritual gifts become a weapon. This is why Paul inserted his teaching on Agape Love in chapter 13, between chapters 12 and 14 regarding spiritual gifts. This is sometimes called the Pentecostal sandwich, because love is the meat of the matter, not the gifts.

So, if one person is sharing a prophetic word with the group, and God inspires another from that word, the first should back off and let his brother/sister speak. I was once in a meeting where God was giving a spiritual message (not a sermon) through one person, and right in the middle of the thought, another person picked up right where the first left off, and soon, a third person did the same thing. Three persons giving one message. And it all flowed together. “In the mouth of two or three witnesses” is where God’s word is confirmed.

Obviously, he is not telling us that people should jump up and interrupt the pastor’s message on Sunday morning. He is telling us that everything must be done in order in God’s church, both in large assemblies and in small.

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