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Year ago I was leading a short-term mission trip to the Dominican Republic. The flight landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to refuel. We had enough time on the ground to get off the plane and walk around the terminal but not enough time to leave the airport.

When I re-boarded the plane, I noticed a group of stewardesses and one of the pilots going through the bin over my seat. When I walked up to them, the pilot asked, “Is that your bag?” He was pointing at my travel bag, so I said, “Yes”. He replied sternly, “Open it!”

When I set the bag on the seat I could hear a buzz coming from the bag. So, I opened it up and there was my electric razor buzzing away. Apparently, someone had bumped the bag getting their bag out, and it got turned on. I got a chuckle out of that, but they were clearly not amused.

‘Noise’ can be something that distracts our attention from the main thing. Jesus said it is that kind of ‘noise’ that keeps people from growing in their faith (Matthew 13:21). That kind of buzz is like static on your favorite radio station. It keeps us from focusing on Jesus. Keep the ‘noise’ to a minimum and you can hear God’s still, small voice.


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