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I’m reading a biography on the life of James Madison that was written by a biographer in the 1870s. He used the phrase “The Law of Party Politics” and defines it as anything the other party proposes, you oppose it. Even it you agree, you join the party position and fight for it.

As an example, James Madison, primary author of the Constitution, was a strong supporter of establishing a federal government to establish trade rules for all 13 states. He was adamantly opposed to slavery.

However, being a Virginian, when the southern states formed a new political party to defend states’ rights, which included the right to own and sell slaves, Madison left the defense of the Federal Party, and joined the new Republican Party. From that point on, he sold out on his Federalist values and fought for every political view he had earlier opposed. That is the Law of Party Politics at its worst. Party politics can spill over into the church, as well.

Let’s all sort out in our minds what God has called us to do, and not let any new group of ideas move us from our scriptural mandate.

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