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If you haven’t heard, today is my birthday. I’ve had so many of them I really can’t recall how old I am. I was born on a Thursday in the wee hours of the morning at the old Souder’s Hospital in Auburn. Dr. C. B. Hathaway delivered me. I don’t remember anything about it, of course. I was the first of six children.

I was born in the second year of the ‘Baby Boom’. Hospitals, schools, highways, stores, and houses all went through huge expansions in my growing years. The ‘Baby Boom’ phenomenon has greatly changed our world, introducing such standards as Howdy Doody, Davy Crockett, Elvis Presley and the Beatles.

Of course this generation has also introduced such norms as mass protests, abortion, free sex, and a huge demand for internet pornography. How will these things affect the next generation raised with these norms? Only time will tell.

The church can either ignore that these changes have occurred, or embrace these as cultural norms for a sick society and work to heal broken lives one soul at a time. I choose to not complain about it, but work for change in individuals. How about you?

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