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Today our three adult children were all together for the day, along with our grandchildren. We all went to a professional photographer for family photos. The photographer did a good job getting us all artistically arranged so it all looked nice. With twelve of us present, four of them children, it was not an easy task to capture all of us with eyes open, smiling, staring into the camera, at the same time.

He took a lot of photos, and afterwards, he took us through them one at a time. In nearly every picture someone was looking aside, blinking, or just looking unnatural. But we did agree on three poses that look as good as it gets. We determined children will always be children, and decided to not be so picky with them.

Having family photos taken is valuable because it freezes a moment in time. Some die, all change, and some grow up, but that photo locks that image for eternity.

I have an image of my great-grandmother as a 16-year old beauty, frozen on a tin-type forever. Having died in 1939, eight years before my birth, I never knew her. Yet that photo speaks loudly about her beauty and grace, clothing and hair styles of the mid 1800s.

I believe our every action is frozen in time for God to see on judgment day. Our only hope is that Jesus has died for that sin and redeemed us of it. Only when sin is paid for can it be forgiven. Has Jesus paid for your offenses? How do you know?

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