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Today is the final day of a two-week vacation. The excessive heat outside this past week made it impossible to do outside projects after noon, so I did get a lot done inside. One morning while working outside I was cutting down a tree in the back that was dying. I had the tree down and was trimming branches off to cut firewood when I got the bar pinched. While working to get it free I must have twisted the chain just enough that it wasn’t in alignment. When I finally got it free and revved up the engine, the chain came off the bar. There’s nothing scarier than to have the razor sharp teeth of a chain saw come flying off the bar. I had to have both the chain and bar replaced, for they were both damaged. However, I’ve spent the last couple of days thanking God that I wasn’t seriously injured by that free-flying chain.

Life is full of risks and close calls. Anyone who gets behind the wheel of an automobile and drives 70 MPH is taking a risk. Anyone who eats last year’s food processed full of preservatives is taking a risk. Anyone who falls in love and gets legally married is taking a risk. We will simply never accomplish anything without taking a risk.

Since we can’t prove God exists, and must take Him by faith, even trusting God requires a risk. But some risks are worth taking. Where would we be if we didn’t trust in God? Hopeless.

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